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Beginner Classes for white belts to green belts are held every:


  • Monday - Mililani Rec 1, 5pm-6pm

  • Wednesday - Mililani Rec 1, 5pm-6pm

  • Thursday - Mililani Tech Park, 5pm-6pm


Competition Classes for students looking to take their training to the next level. Held every:


Honbu Dojo in Mililani Tech Park

  • Thursday: 6pm-7:30pm (all competition students)

  • Friday: 5pm-6:30pm - (Kumite speed/conditioning)

  • Friday: 6:30pm-8pm - Open Mat






Advanced Classes for purple belts to black belts are held every:


  • Monday - Mililani Rec. 1, 6pm-7pm 

  • Wednesday - Mililani Rec. 1, 6pm-7pm


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