Class Information - Dues

For the time being, must be active MTA Member and/or Dependent who is able to enter MTA Recreational Facilities.
MTA = Mililani Town Association

Shotokan Karate Classes are held:
Every Monday and Wednesday (closed on all Major Holidays)
5pm-6pm - Beginner Class (White belt to Green Belt)
6pm-7pm - Intermediate/Advanced Class (Purple Belt to Black Belt)

Required Once a Year: AAU/Insurance Membership Fee
Price is determined by AAU and may be changed at any time.
At the time of writing this, their website pricing is as follows:
* Youth: $14 every August
* Adults: $29 every August

Note: This is required upon starting classes and then required every August moving forward
* Core Membership - MTA Members- $50 per month, $15 per additional immediate family member
* Non- MTA Members - $55 per month (Only accepting MTA Members for the time being)
* Belt/Kyu Examination - $50. *optional* although needed to progress in rank/belt. Every 3-5 months

* Dan/Black Belt Examination - Determined by our Honbu Dojo headed by Shihan Kevin Funakoshi. Prices vary by Dan rank/level. At time of writing, Shodan/1st Dan Black Belt is $450. There are many many years between Dan ranks as this is standard tradition to truly earn Rank



Checks payable to "FSKAH" and are due by the 5th of each month