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Head Instructor - Richard Nelson


Sensei Richard currently holds the rank of Yondan (4th dan). He began Karate at the Mililani Dojo at the age of 8 and has over 25yrs of experience under Sensei Kevin Funakoshi. Some of Sensei Richard's achievements include (but are not limited to) Kata and Kumite - multiple time 50th State Championships winner, multiple time State Regional Champion, Multiple time Aloha State Games Champion. In international competition - 2002 FSKA World Championships (Las Vegas) Semi Finalist in Kata, 2003 FSKA World Championships (Las Vegas) Silver Medal Kata, Bronze Medalist Kumite being the only Elite Male Adult Black Belt to Medal in both Kata and Kumite that year. More than anything, he looks forward to passing on the values and traditional aspects he has learned from Karate onto the next generation.

Patrick Hartnett


Sensei Pat currently holds the rank of Sandan (3rd Dan) under FSKA. Patrick Hartnett began training in Shotokan Karate in 1976. He has also trained in Shito-Ryu Karate. He has extensive coaching experience and has been a business executive in Hawaii for over 20 years. Married for 30 years with two adult children. Sensei Pat has trained with FSKA at the main dojo in San Jose from 1982 to 1983 and here in Hawaii from May 2004 to current.

Wayne Tanaka


Sensei Wayne Tanaka has over 40yrs of experience in Shotokan Karate under Shihan Kenneth Funakoshi. He has been around since the early days of the JKA. Sensei Wayne is sometimes known to enter tournaments against the 18-34yr olds showing his skill and spirit is still as sharp as ever.

Derek Fukunaga


Fukunaga Sensei currently holds the rank of Sandan (3rd dan) under FSKA. Fukunaga Sensei started Shotokan Karate at the FSKA Mililani Rec 1 Dojo back in 1978. His previous Karate experience includes: (2003-2007) Hawaii Shotokai Karate, Sensei: Sadayuki Hashimoto. (1991-2002) Japan Karate Assn/Tetsubu Kan International/Japan Karate Shotokai (The club switched names during this time frame). JKA - Shodan (1st dan), JKS - Nidan (2nd dan)

Alan Olmos

Alan Olmos currently holds the rank of Nidan (2nd Dan).  He has been training with FSKA for over 10 years along with his daughter Jasmine who recently became 1st Dan.  Alan has dabbled into Aikido, Shorin Ryu and Kajukenpo at a younger age.  He enjoys the health benefits and self defense aspects of karate.  Alan is a helicopter pilot and worked at the Honolulu Police Department for over 29 years.  

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