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Senpai (black belts/Assistant Instructors)


Becoming a black belt is no easy task in our dojo. Not only do you need to display proper technique as well as knowledge of Kata/Basics, but you also need to show the right attributes such as having a good attitude, coming to practice consistently, always trying your best, never giving up, and sharing your knowledge over the years with the other student's as well. We like to emphasize "seek perfection of character." Here are current Senpai's who have been showing just that.

Todd Kawamoto

Todd has been with FSKA for nearly 15years. He currently holds the rank of Shodan (1st dan). He is currently a graduate student at UH pursuing his Masters degree in Civil Engineering.

Alan Olmos currently holds the rank of Nidan (2nd Dan).  He has been training with FSKA for over 10 years along with his daughter Jasmine who recently became 1st Dan.  Alan has dabbled into Aikido, Shorin Ryu and Kajukenpo at a younger age.  He enjoys the health benefits and self defense aspects of karate.  Alan is a helicopter pilot and worked at the Honolulu Police Department for over 29 years.  

Alan Olmos

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