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Outstanding Effort and Spirit - Joseph Chatters

Joseph Chatters - March 2016


Name: Joseph Chatters

Nickname: Jojo 

Age: 10 

Length of training: 2.5 yrs

Rank: 6th kyu (2nd green)

Favorite technique:  Ura Mawashi Geri

Why you like Karate:  I like when Sensi teaches us moves we can use for self-defense. 

Favorite part of training:  competition class

Favorite Kata: Heian Yondan

Goals for Karate: I hope to one day reach Black Belt.  

Goals for life:  I want to keep getting better at karate.  One day I hope to become an astronaut.

Anything you’d like to say?: Karate at FSKAH has been one of the best things for Jojo. I have to admit I was very concerned with him showing interest in karate.  After all, karate to me equated confident, discipline and powerful.  My little shy timid guy preferred no attention and definitely no physical contact.  He has come a far way because of our Mililani FSKAH ohana.  He is no longer hiding behind us.  His confidence, focus, strength, coordination has improved dramatically. It still takes me by surprise when I hear him "kiai".

Joseph Chatters with the class practicing Footwork at our Mililani Tech Park Dojo

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