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Winter Camp 2015



































We had our first ever 5 Day Winter Camp and it was a success! For the 1st hour we covered exam topics for each student and the 2nd hour was dedicated strictly to Kumite. Thank you everyone who Participated! 


Day 1: Footwork Basics 

  • Moving Forward, Back, Lateral.

  • Kamae - Posture, hand placement,

  • Drills to enforce solid Kumite fundamentals

  • Kumite - Sparring






























Day 2: Yori Ashi and Attacks

  • Moving dynamically

  • Kizami Zuki and Gyaku Zuki

  • Attacking from Yori Ashi

  • Kumite - Sparring






















Day 3: Combinations

  • Kizami-gyaku

  • Kizami-gyaku-mawashi

  • Stringing it all together

  • Kumite - Sparring


Day 4: Mini Tournament - Reinforce what we learned

  • Recap of previous 3 days

  • Winter Camp Tournament


Day 5 - Test and recap



After every class we had an open mat session were student's could stay and use the Dojo and it's equipment to practice on their own. Student's could also ask Sensei Richard or any of the assisting Senpais for help or assistance but a lot of student's used that time to attempt Sensei Richards bottle challenge!

































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