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Newsletter - December 2015




Shout Outs with Great Gratitude! - Thank you all for everything. I apologize if I missed anyone, so many of you do so much but I want to thank some of you off the top of my head! 


  • Thank you to the Tamane's for donating the professionally installed mirror's in our Tech park Dojo!

  • Thank you to Gilbert Yoshida for donating the WKF Dojo Mats!

  • Thank you to the Nakayama's for donating the Wave Master Punching Bag, the "Family Friday" Shave Ice and for helping with the party!

  • Thank you to the Ogawa's for providing a place to train for the competition class when we were between Dojo's for the printing services and for being there extra early every tournament to save us all seats!

  • Thank you to Sean Asuncion for donating the Dojo Whiteboard and 2nd Agility Ladder!

  • Thank you to Alan Olmos for donating the Kicking Shields and for volunteering to pick up the Pizza!

  • Thank you to the Asuncion's (Mary) for Family Friday Pizza!

  • Thank you to my Wife Ashley Nelson for handling the Dojo paperwork and for dealing with me and my shenanigins!

  • Thank you to everyone who helped out with our Annual Christmas Party! We are very grateful!

  • Thank you to all of the supporting Family and Friends of our Dojo!


Christmas Party 2015 and Shoutouts

Thank you everyone who attended our annual Christmas party! We had over 60 people attending and we all had a great time with great people enjoying great food!

Thank you Shaun Baradi for the Christmas Party Pictures I stole off of Facebook!



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