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Newsletter - December 2015





Friday Dec 18 - Tuesday Dec 22 (Kumite and Exam Clinic)

Don't miss out on this opportunity to attend our first winter camp! As of right now there are 2 spots left! It's basically 5 days worth of semi-private lessons where you get to focus on learning all of the requirements for your next rank and you also get to spar at your own level with me and Senpai Sean Asuncion and learn the nitty gritty of solid Kumite basics. The goal is to get you to improve as much as possible for your level during the 5 day camp! Fee also covers exam fee and can be applied to the next exam if you do not wish to test at this time and really breaks down to $5/hr 

***If interested, since there are only 2 spots left, text Sensei Richard 721-0507***

Winter Camp 2015



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