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Newsletter - December 2015




Biggest Improvement


Landon Calleja - Coming from a different Dojo as a brown belt is no easy task as exam requirements vary greatly between Dojos. Landon has shown his dedication and hard work every class and has put in a great deal of time and effort to learn our exam requirements. Landon has earned the level of brown belt in our Dojo and continues to strive to be better! Being a member of our competition classes, he gets tested during our sessions and never gives up! His positive attitude motivates Sensei Richard! Congratulations Landon!

Student Recognitions and Awards 2015


Friday night open mat session for competition class

Spirit Award 


Shawn Olvey - Shawn just recently made the transition from our 1st class to our 2nd class and has earned the respect of his fellow students in the 2nd class. He shows great spirit every class with his continuous effort and strive to be better. Congratulations Shawn!

Spirit Award Runner Ups


Nicole Ando 

Ronan Laciste

Jayce Ono


Honorable Mentions

Noah Brooks

Wei Martin

Connor Martin

Kelsey Murobayashi

Parker Calleja

Shaun Baradi

Brennan Lee

Cameron Pak

Johnathan Chow


Competitive Newcomer of the Year 


Jake Nakayama - Jake bursted on to the competition scene this year competing in 4 divisions and winning 3 Golds and 1 Silver medal. He says he wants to be better than his brother Kyler which will be very tough to do! 

Runner Ups

Kalyssa Ogawa

Austin Freeman


Honorable Mentions

Raphael Pecoraro

Leonardo Pecoraro

Skylar Steinhoff

Kelsey Murobayashi

Braely Elliott

Mina Pecoraro

Dedication Award


Kyler Nakayama - Being a member of the Elite Competition team takes dedication as our practices are numerous and can be very intense. This year Kyler has shown tremendous dedication by being there almost every competition class and whenever he couldn't make a class, he would always communicate to me when and why. On top of that, Kyler has dedicated himself to learning 2 of our highest Kata's and he is well aware that it takes years to be able to perfom these Kata's at a high level and he has accepted the challenge. There are other, safer Kata's he could be doing for a higher tournament success rate but Kyler likes the challenge of pushing himself to strive for better. Congratulations Kyler!

Competitor of the Year 

(Highly Regarded)


Sean Asuncion- This is what I consider the highest award for our competition team. I look for 3 things when deciding who to choose for this award: 1. Spirit - How hard they try EVERY class, trying hard sometimes or even most of the time just doesn't cut it! 2. Attendance - How often they are there putting in the time and 3. Actual competition or how well they do. Sean tries 100% every single class and has only missed less than 5 days of competition class for the year and he always explained to me when he wasn't going to make those days. He is in the elite division with the toughest competitors and I expect him to step up to the plate and make his mark in the division. Even after falling short, he gets back up and keeps trying and has expressed to me now that he's more motivated than ever. Good job Sean!

Competitor of the Year (Runner Up)


Kona Ogawa - Kona is just a highly motivated competitor and has done extremely well this this competitive year. He managed to win 8 Gold Medals this year! Good job Ko!


Honorable Mention: Ian Tamane

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